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We know that there are a lot of questions lingering in your mind right now. Here are some few simple questions that we have answered for you.

What is a care home?

A care home is a safe and comfortable facility for adults and seniors who need assistance in doing their daily activities. We take care of our residents as if they are our own family.

How do I choose a care home that is just right for my loved one?

We believe that it would be best if you could ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the staff happy and accommodating with the residents?
  • Is there a licensed nurse available to monitor resident care and staff oversight?
  • Do I see some, if not all, residents restrained in wheelchairs, unattended and looking over-medicated?
  • Are the residents involved in activities designed to eliminate feelings of boredom, loneliness, and helplessness?
  • Is the pricing structure a fixed rate or “tiered structure” with added unpredictable costs for increasing levels of care?
  • What would be the circumstances or medical conditions under which I would be required to move him/her?
  • Does the facility have at least two staff members on duty to assist in transferring of non-ambulatory residents?
  • How is the living environment? Is it familiar as a real home? Are there any unpleasant odors? Are there planned activities?
  • Are the residents dressed and out of bed by 9 a.m.?

If you find the answers to these questions favorable, then you just found the right care home for your loved one.

Where is your care home located?

Our assisted living facility is located at the peaceful place of Pasadena, California at 1450 North Fair Oaks Avenue. Contact us to know more.

Are the Direct Care Staff at Golden Cross Health Care trained well?

Yes. They are trained to provide geriatric assistance like assistance in bathing, grooming, and dressing. They are also knowledgeable when it comes to medication management and keeping of medical records.

Can family and friends visit?

Yes, definitely! We allow visitors for our residents any time of the day.

Are the Caregivers at Golden Cross Health Care trained well?

Yes. Our caregiving staff of Licensed Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses and Certified Nurse Aides has been trained with the following competencies:

  • Symptom Control and Disease Management
  • Nutrition and Diet Education
  • Age Specific Care Practices
  • Body Mechanics and Human Anatomy
  • ADL (Activities of Daily Living)
  • Safe Mobility Support for the Patient
  • BLS (Basic Life Support)
  • CPR and First Aid Training


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